Thera-Band Exercise Band

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Heavy Theraband Tubing Set Black Silver (2) 6' Long
Model Number: 21310


Our Price$18.23

Sports Handle for Theraband and Can-Do Band
Model Number: 22125

Each * Extra long (12 ) foam covered handle is comfortable to use * The webbing strap has 3 attachme...


Our Price$9.86

Thera-Band Stretch Strap Bulk Each
Model Number: 22300

The Thera-Band© Stretch Strap is a revolutionary replacement to traditional static stretching devic...


Our Price$19.95

Thera-Band- 6 Yard- Tan
Model Number: 10066A

6-YARD PATIENT ROLLS * Ultra-Thin Tan * A special system of progressive resistance * Can be used fo...


Our Price$11.91

Theraband Extremity Straps(pr)
Model Number: 22140

A pair of neoprene straps which can be attached to your arms or legs to increase the convenience and...


Our Price$16.25

TheraBand Kit-8 Piece/6 Yard
Model Number: 10066J

6-YARD PATIENT ROLLS Kit - 8 Piece Set A special system of progressive resistance Can be used for...


Our Price$220.76

Theraband Light Tubing Set Red green blue
Model Number: 21300


Our Price$18.23

Theraband Shoulder Rehab Kit
Model Number: 27211


Our Price$79.88