Grooming Aids

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Brush Extended
Model Number: 1442

Extended Brush * Ergonomically designed personal care products featuring our own Lifestyle Essentia...


Our Price$15.42

Comb Extended
Model Number: 1441

Extended Comb * 15 long*Plasitc* Ergonomically designed personal care products featuring our own L...


Our Price$13.49

Emery Boards 4 5/8 Bx/144
Model Number: 7079

Makes a smoother polished surface * 1 Side regular grit/ 1 side fine grit * 4 5/8 Long * Box of 144...


Our Price$10.29

Finger Nail Clipper-Standard
Model Number: 7739

Standard * For finger nails * Chrome coated steel * Standard style Includes file *


Our Price$0.98

Hair Brush Long Handle
Model Number: 7073


Our Price$43.19

Hair Dryer Holder Table Top
Model Number: 3118

This hands free hair dryer holder is designed to save time and energy * Great for all ages and allow...


Our Price$67.43

Magnifier/Lamp With Stay-Cool Lamphead -Black
Model Number: 19093

Oversized aluminum heat sink with dual shade system Standard incandescent quartz halogen Color-co...


Our Price$505.35

Nail Clipper Magnifying
Model Number: 3104

Easy to use 3X magnifier * Bright LED light makes it easy to see * ABS Plastic stainless steel clipp...


Our Price$10.43

No Rinse Bathing Wipes Retail Package
Model Number: 7081

8 premoistened aloe and lanolin enriched cloths per package * Provides for one complete bath * Prov...


Our Price$4.43

No Rinse Shampoo Cap
Model Number: 7078

One piece cap transfers all massaging action directly to hair and scalp * Latex and alcohol free * E...


Our Price$5.48

Razor Holder Long Handle
Model Number: 3113

Designed to hold either an electric or a safety razor * This handy aide will assist a person to shav...


Our Price$41.16

Replacement Sponges for Lotion Appl(Pk/2)*Maddak brand only
Model Number: 3132S

Replacement sponges for lotion Applicator *


Our Price$7.35

Roll Easy Lotion Applicator
Model Number: 3132B

Roll Easy lotion Applicator * Lotion applicator that massages the body while applying ointments cre...


Our Price$27.56

Sage Mouth Moisturizer 0.5oz Tube 144 per Case
Model Number: SP6083


Our Price$817.65

Toe Nail Clipper Large
Model Number: 7741

Large * For Toes * Chrome coated steel *


Our Price$1.49

Toe-Nail Clipper Pistol Grip Remote 18
Model Number: 3111

This clipper is a valuable asset to pregnant women overweight people the elderly people with back...


Our Price$160.70

Toothette Individual Oral Swab Bx/250 Mint
Model Number: SP5602

SP5602 - Individually wrapped * Features a pleasant mint flavor * Features soft secure foam heads...


Our Price$42.98

Toothette Mint Oral Swab Bg/20
Model Number: SP5601

SP5602 - Individually wrapped * Features a pleasant mint flavor * Features soft secure foam heads...


Our Price$3.90

Towellette Cleansing Bx/100 5 x7
Model Number: 3043

5 x 7 * For general wash-up...cleans and refreshes hands face and body without soap and water co...


Our Price$4.55