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5 Low Air Loss & A.P.P Mattress System
Model Number: 1810

5 Deep * For use in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores * High Volume pump produces 8 li...


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Alternating Pressure Pump Adj & Bubble Pad 34 W x78 L x 2.5
Model Number: 1773A

Adjustble Pump and Bubble Pad * The pump and pad system is a new generation that is designed to help...


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Bariatric Bed System Roho 42
Model Number: BARI42SYSC


Our Price$5,474.25

Bean Bag Lap Desk Assorted Patterns & Colors
Model Number: 1926

15 wx13 d with lip * A portable lap desk ideal for use while sitting or in bed * It makes a comfor...


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Bed Patient Alarm 11 x 30
Model Number: 13606

Pad 11 x 30 * Comes with standard alarm and bed size pad * Alerts caregiver with audio alarm when ...


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Bed Sensor Pad only for Alarm 13606
Model Number: 13610PL

Bed Size Sensor Pad Only *


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Bed Tray w/Side Pockets
Model Number: 1927

Used for eating reading writing grooming and games * Side pockets provide ample space for books ...


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Model Number: 2085

* 3 hand grips - ladder-like design makes sitting up easy * Versatile - attaches to any bed frame *...


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Bedside Alarm Wireless With Monitoring Beam
Model Number: 13601

Alarm sounds when individual attempts to leave or falls out of bed * Ideal for ICU or anywhere early...


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Bubble Pad For Adj Alt. Pressure Pump #1773A
Model Number: 1773C

Bubble Pad Only Without Flaps * The pump and pad system is a new generation that is designed to help...


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Deluxe Low Air Loss Mattress & A.P.P. System 80 x 36 x 8
Model Number: 1810D

8 Deep * Pump can be used as static or alternating pressure device * Ideal for use in nursing homes...


Our Price$1,420.55

Eggcrate Bed Pad 2 x33 x72
Model Number: 1814

2 x 33 x 72 * Provides extraordinary comfort and benefits circulation * Gives more even support *...


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Horizontal Transfer Slide
Model Number: 1196

The SafetySure HT (Horizontal Transfer) Slide is designed for patients that require diagnostic proce...


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SafetySure Bed Pull-Up 64 L x 4 W
Model Number: 11619

64 L x 4 W * Makes rising in bed easier * The SafetySure Bed Pull-Up assists individuals in pullin...


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SafetySure Turnease 37 W x 27 L
Model Number: 11617

37 W x 27 L * The SafetySure© TurneaseTM is ideal for patients suffering from ParkinsonÊs Disease...


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Trapeze Bar Clamp And Base
Model Number: 1905B

Standard - 250 Lb. Weight capacity * Trapeze Bar & Base with Clamps * Silver Vein steel tubing * Fu...


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Trapeze Base Only
Model Number: 1905A

Standard - 250 Lb. Weight capacity * Trapeze Base Only * Silver Vein steel tubing * Fully adjustable...


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Trapeze Overhead Bar Only With Clamp
Model Number: 1905

Standard - 250 Lb. Weight capacity * Overhead Bar Only with Clamps * Silver Vein steel tubing * Full...


Our Price$149.93