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Arthritic's Pen
Model Number: 10656

A soft light weight foam ball 2.75 diameter with a stick pen in it * Gives a comfortable grip for p...


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Model Number: STA 2017

Weight limit of handle: 250 Lbs


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Auto Assist Suction Cup Aid (Car Door Assist)
Model Number: 10553

Hand-held suction cup 4 1/2 Get into and out of your vehicle with ease Suction grips onto window...


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Autodrop Eyedrop Guide
Model Number: 10686

Holds the eye open and directs the drops allowing for accurate eyedrop placement * Clips into place...


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Book Holder Roberts
Model Number: 1918

Offers hands-free convenience while reading * It holds nearly any size or thickness of book magazin...


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Book Stand
Model Number: 1923

Stands on a table wheelchair tray or bed tray Made of white ABS plastic 10.5 x 16 (27cm x 41cm) ...


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Car Caddie Helping Hand
Model Number: 2021

* Easy - installs and removes in seconds * Universal - fits any framed car window * Durable - sturdy...


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Card Holder-Clear Plastic
Model Number: 10684

Slotted clear plastic holder keeps playing cards at an angle to improve visibility and provide hands...


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Card Holder-Wooden
Model Number: 10682

Varnished hardwood rack 10 (25cm) long holds 2 rows of cards * No slip rubber feet * Nice to look ...


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Card Shuffler Battery Powered
Model Number: 71257


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Clip Folding Hold-And-Read
Model Number: 1919

Makes it possible to read a paperback using one or no hands The folding clip holds both the left a...


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Clip for Aluminum Reachers
Model Number: 2284

* Holds almost any type of reacher * The larger side of the double clip snaps onto the wheelchair w...


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Computer Keyboard Aid
Model Number: 1934

Helps people with limited functional hand skills to accurately depress keys Can be used on typewri...


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CouchCane Stand Up Assist
Model Number: 2020

Ergonomic safety handle-Makes standing & sitting easy and safe * Saddle bag pouch-Four pockets keep...


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Door Hinge Expandable (Pk/2)
Model Number: 10654

Brass finish * Adds 2 to any doorway opening-allows barrier free access for most wheelchairs * Idea...


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Door Knob Extender Bag/2
Model Number: 10653

Works as well as more expensive doorknob levers and is easier to install * For left or right hand us...


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Door Knob Turners
Model Number: 10621

Easy turning without using your hand * Installs in 1 second (no tools needed) * Fits any size door ...


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Doorknob Gripper
Model Number: EN19

A unique doorknob gripper that slips over the existing knob to provide slip-free grippable surface *...


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Dycem Self Adhesive Strips 16 x 1-1/8 Blue
Model Number: NS05ST

* Used by many occupational therapists physical therapists and healthcare professionals as an effec...


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E-Z Key Turner Pk/2
Model Number: EN15

Package of 2 * Enlarged key holders are designed with the turning effort already begun so completio...


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E-Z Reacher Standard 30 (Without Locking Mechanism)
Model Number: 2283

Use it to lock onto items without maintaining grasp on the trigger * Comfortable pistol grip * Pick ...


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Easy Opener
Model Number: EN11

An all in one product easily opens bottle caps pull tabs and even those impossible box tops * Easy...


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EZ Grabber 32 W/Twist Shaft & Wrist Support
Model Number: RB606

Your indispensable helping hand around the house Rotates 90 degree Grab hard-to-reach or messy i...


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Foot Lifter
Model Number: 10542

The patented Foot Lifter is ideal for anyone who has difficulties raising or reaching their feet * I...


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Foot Stool Without Rail
Model Number: 6092

Without safety rail * Nonslip corrugated surface * Silver-vein steel legs and rail * 10 x 14 step...


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Furniture Risers Pk / 8
Model Number: 10687

Package of 8 * Make standing or sitting from a couch or bed easy * Two Products in One Box - comes w...


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Grab Bar-Outdoor Model 18
Model Number: 1252

Safety grab bar ideal for all outdoor areas-provides addtional safety entering and leaving the house...


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HandiGrip Bag ADL Pk/2
Model Number: 10646

* The simple answer to carrying loose bags * Simply insert the handle through the tops of your shopp...


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Handybar Auto Entry / Exit Handle
Model Number: 87501

* Promotes safety & mobility - protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy * Universal...


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Jar Opener And Closer
Model Number: EN17

A uniquely designed product concentrates hand power to remove lids and turn faucets effortlessly *


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Key Turner 'Hole-in-One'
Model Number: 10655

For people with limited hand mobility this key holder provides several grasping positions and excel...


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Lamp Switch Enlarger (pair)
Model Number: EN23

Our enlarger fits right over the existing switch to provide an easy stress free grasp * No electric...


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Leg Lifter Poly 42 Regular size Navy
Model Number: 10611

42 Poly * Reinforced webbing with metal rod will extend the user's reach to assist in lifting one l...


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Light Switch Extender
Model Number: 10652

An extension handle for your light switch * A great device for children wheelchair users persons w...


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Magnifier Display w/12 Assorted Magnifiers
Model Number: 3202

Includes 3 of the 3190 3 of the 3192 3 of the 3193 & 3 of the 3195 magnifiers *


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Magnifier Full Page Reading Fresnel 7 x10 w/Border
Model Number: 2237

These flat magnifiers are great for enlarging print of newpapers dictionaries telephone directorie...


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Magnifier Hands-Free 4 Lighted
Model Number: 3198

Hi-Power optical quality lens * Unbreakable and scratch-resistant * For reading books newspapers t...


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Magnifier Lighted 3 Round
Model Number: 3204

3 round lighted magnifier * 2X lens and 4X bifocal lens * Uses 2 AA Batteries included *


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Magnifier Lighted LED 5 Round
Model Number: 3197

Super bright LED Light * Unbreakable and scratch-resistant * For reading books newspapers telephon...


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Magnifier Pocket
Model Number: 3196

4.5x mag. lens 50mm * Handy pocket sized magnifier * Attaches to keyring *


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Magnifier Pocket Lighted 7x
Model Number: 3189

Pocket-sized optical quality 7x magnifier * Features an unbreakable scratch-resistant 1-1/2 lens...


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Magnifier Pop-Up Display (12 pcs)
Model Number: 3203

Poplight magnifier display (12 pieces) 12 each item 3189A


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Magnifier Super Lens Plastic
Model Number: 2238

A simple and effective way to reduce eye strain Enlarges entire paragraphs at a time to 2X their o...


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Magnifier with LED Light Rimless 3x Mag. Lens
Model Number: 3192A

3X magnification 2.9 lens an aspheric lens dual white LEDs and an ergonomic rubber handle with c...


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Magnifying Glass 2 X4 Rectangular
Model Number: 3195

2 x4 recatangle handle * 2x power lens with 5x bifocal * blister carded * Hi-Power optical quality ...


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Magnifying Glass Round 2
Model Number: 3190

2 round handle magnifier * 3x power lens (no bifocal) * blister carded * Hi-Power optical quality l...


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Magnifying Glass Round 5
Model Number: 3194

5 round handle * 2x power lens with 5 bifocal * blister carded * Hi-Power optical quality lens with...


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Medi-Cap Remover/Magnifier
Model Number: 10649

Built-in magnifier (4X) Easy grip for smooth or rigid caps Opens child proof bottles


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Mirror Adjustable Clamp-On
Model Number: 10695

The perfect rear view mirror for wheelchairs and scooters 8 x 12 shatterproof mirror clamps on to ...


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Multi-Knob Turner
Model Number: 10624


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Pen And Pencil Cushion Pk/2
Model Number: EN21

package of 2 * Are designed in shape and density to alleviate stress while providing a secure grip *


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Phone & Cup Holder W/Hook and Loop Strap
Model Number: 10681

An epoxy coated metal hand clip which fastens to a drinking glass or a phone-handset with a hook and...


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Playing Cards-Large Face
Model Number: 10685

This deck of cards will be of great help to anyone with a visual impairment * Regular size playing c...


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Probe Covers For Digital Thermometers Non-Ster Bx/100
Model Number: 2191

PROBE COVERS * Non-Sterile Bx/100 * For use with digital thermometers * Clear plastic and disposable...


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Reacher Aluminum-26in Long
Model Number: 2280

26 Long * Reacher with aluminum and stainless steel construction with high strength ABS handle * NO...


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Reacher Clip
Model Number: 2292

Holds almost any type of reacher The larger side of the double clip snaps onto the wheelchair walk...


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Reacher Pik-Stik
Model Number: 10600

Rotating jaws open 5 1/2 inch to pick up objects from any angle Tips molded onto jaws with an extr...


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Ring Writer Clip (Set of 3) (1S 1M 1L)
Model Number: 10697A

Bag of 3 (1small 1 med 1 Lrg) * Automatically positions and angles the implement correctly for use...


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Shoehorn E-Z Metal 18 Long
Model Number: 2614

18 Long * Made from smooth coated spring steel with a 6 non-slip hand grip * This durable long-las...


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Shoehorn Plastic 18
Model Number: 2616

Length is 18 * Plastic shoehorn with a curved hand grip for easier grasping * Includes wrist strap ...


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Square Magnifying Glass
Model Number: EN34

Excellent quality * Large enough to do what is needed yet small enough to be totally portable * Fits...


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Steady Write Writing Pen
Model Number: 10673

Steady write writing instrument * Designed to help improve the handwriting of people with arthritis...


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Swivel Seat Cushion
Model Number: 1704

Allows individual to turn up to 360o * Makes getting on or off a seat or chair easy and comfortable ...


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Swivel Seat Cushion Deluxe Grey
Model Number: 1704A

Swivels 360ΓΈ for smooth easy movement in either direction while seated * Comfortable foam padded c...


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Telephone Amplifier
Model Number: 10617

Enjoy phone calls without hearing difficulty * Slips onto any standard phone receiver * Adjustable v...


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Tray Valet
Model Number: 2608

4 Table top angles * Lightweight (Plastic top metal bottom) - Only 6 Lbs! * X-L table top: 15.5 x...


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Un-Skru Jar Opener
Model Number: 10619

Opens every size screw lid from 1/2 inch to 5 inches * Hangs under a cabinet countertop table or s...


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Uplift Power Seat Electric
Model Number: PS1000

The electric lifting cushion that turns an armchair or sofa into a lift chair Use on existing furn...


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Weighted Sleeve for Pen/Pencil
Model Number: 10657

The weighted sleeve fits most pens or pencils * This writing aid helps stabilize writing for the per...


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