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Back Scrubber w/Rotating Head Straight Handle
Model Number: 3131

Straight handle * 23 (56 cm) long scrubbers with rotating heads help people with reduced range of m...


Our Price$9.06

Bath Mat 28 L x 16 W
Model Number: RB216

Hundreds of suction cups anchor this bath mat to the bottom of the tub to provide a slip-resistant s...


Our Price$13.43

Bellavita Auto Bath Lift
Model Number: 1183

The Bellavita is our new ultra modern automatic bath lift * Is easy to transport and stow away * It ...


Our Price$794.07

Deluxe Handheld Shower Massage
Model Number: 1336

Deluxe Handheld Shower Massager With 3 Spray Options * Chrome * Adjustable massaging head * Chrome s...


Our Price$22.65

Deluxe Shower Diverter Valve
Model Number: RB214

Valve Only * Gives you the option of using the existing shower head or using a hand held shower spr...


Our Price$13.29

Ergonomic Hand Held Shower Head By Guardian
Model Number: SM98035

Easily adapts to existing shower arm delivering standard or pulsating spray Extra long 86 hose fo...


Our Price$50.63

Hand Held Shower Spray and Diverter Valve
Model Number: RB215-86

Combo Pack/Retail * Extra-long nylon reinforced hose allows the user to bathe while sitting on a bat...


Our Price$38.99

Hand-Held Shower Spray Carex
Model Number: RB215

Hand Held Shower Spray


Our Price$39.38

No-Skid Bath and Shower Mat White
Model Number: 1180

Suction cups anchor to mat to tub or shower * Provides cushioned comfort for sitting or standing * W...


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Shower Head Hand Held W/Diverter
Model Number: 1335

Excellent retail packaging * On/Off switch on shower handle * Model 1335 comes complete with plastic...


Our Price$19.49

Shower Head Hand-Held with On/Off Switch
Model Number: 1334

Excellent retail packaging * On/Off switch on back of shower head * Without diverter valve * Model 1...


Our Price$16.43

Sponge Ease Round
Model Number: 3130

Round Sponge * Handle can be molded to each persons own needs via a hairdryer * 2 thick x 5 round ...


Our Price$4.13

Sponge only for 3131A Pk/2
Model Number: 3131S

Replacement sponges for the back scrubber 3131A *


Our Price$8.64