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Eye Patch Vinyl Convex Carded
Model Number: 1277

Retail package * Protects injured eye from irritation and light * Permits eye movement * One size fi...


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Model Number: 1886

Holds a 2.5 gallon water supply * Features a wooden handle nylon cord for hanging 30 hose and on/off...


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Inbed Head Wash System
Model Number: 1867

Plastic hollow double-walled basin has a comfortable neck rest and internal collection system for us...


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Door Strip Alarm
Model Number: SC909217

A brightly colored strip directs most residents away from doorways and off limits areas - if a resid...


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Inflatable Hair Shampoo Unit
Model Number: 1884

Fits into the space on a bed that is normally occupied by a pillow * At shampoo time the pillow is r...


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Leg Wrap Positioning Aid
Model Number: 10638

Attaches to the user in 3 places to assist in repositioning the leg and transferring to/from a bed ...


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No Rinse Foaming Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Free
Model Number: 7066

Approximately 118 applications per bottle * Antibacterial Foaming Formula with Aloe Vera * Eliminate...


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Recliner Risers Set/4
Model Number: 10544

Raises recliner heightÎMakes standing or sitting easy * Adaptable-Does not interfere with rocking o...


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Shampoo Unit Plastic
Model Number: 1868

A convenient and effective method of shampooing a patient while in bed * Composed of hard plastic


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Slipper Non-Slip Socks (pair)
Model Number: 10606

Packaged in pairs Soft luxurious slipper socks exclusive SOFT DOT traction sole Provides the com...


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Tap Bell
Model Number: 7064

3 diameter nickle plated black base *


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Washcloths - Premoistened & Disposable Refill Pk/64
Model Number: 3039R

Refil Pack 9 x 13 (46 Cloths) * A fresh approach to incontinence and personal care needs * Soft y...


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Washcloths - Premoistened And Disposable Tub/46
Model Number: 3039

Standard Tub 9 x 13 (46 Cloths) * A fresh approach to incontinence and personal care needs * Soft ...


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