Bathtub Rails

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Bath Assist Rail
Model Number: 1070

Portable balance assist for the tub allows children to get in and out of the tub safely....take it w...


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Bath Rail Floor-To-Tub
Model Number: 1125

Attaches easily to side of tub * Extends to floor for maximum support * 34 height from the floor to...


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Bathtub Rail 11 W x 7 H
Model Number: RB201

This rail helps provide additional support while moving into or out of the bathtub Its spring stee...


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Bathtub Rail Dual Level
Model Number: RB203

Bathtub rail provides a high-low grip support with two textured finish gripping areas including a s...


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Tri-Grip bathtub Rail
Model Number: RB202

Deluxe Multi grip model Fits all modern tubs Chrome - Carex coating on rail and clamps Provi...


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TubRail Suction-Safe-er-Grip
Model Number: 1121

12.5 H x 14 L * Raised rail design allows the user to enter a wet and slippery tub safety and with...


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