Dressing Aids

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Button/Zipper Hook Combination
Model Number: 10627

The Button Hook has a specialty formed stainless steel wire loop which goes through the clothing eye...


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Dress E-Z Dressing Aid 30 w/Shoehorn
Model Number: 10602A

30 Long * Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clot...


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Dressing Stick 26
Model Number: 10635

27 Length * Ideal for persons with limited upper extremity movement or decreased hip flexion * Extr...


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Foot Socker
Model Number: 10559

Foot Socker provides assistance when donning your socks * A scoop shaped trough holds the sock open ...


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Ring Zipper Pull (Pk/3)
Model Number: 10637

Package of 3 * Ring Zipper Pull is a one inch ring with a clip to attach to the zipper * Makes it ea...


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Shoe Laces Coiler (pr)
Model Number: 10639

Eliminates the need of tying shoelaces Once Coiler Shoe Laces are laced the excess coiled loop mai...


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Shoe Laces Elastic - 24" Bg/3 Pair
Model Number: 10608

24" ong 3 pair per package Tie once and never have to tie or untie again Ingeniously designed lace...


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Shoe Laces Elastic 30" Pk/3 pr.
Model Number: 10609

30" long 3 pair per package Tie once and never have to tie or untie again Ingeniously designed l...


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Shoehorn E-Z Metal 24 Long
Model Number: 10604

24 long * Made from smooth coated spring steel with a 6 non-slip hand grip * This durable long-las...


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Sock Aid Flexible Deluxe
Model Number: 10607

Hand Washable * Smooth nylon interior reduces friction while the terrycloth outside holds the sock...


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Model Number: 2220222



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Zipper And Button Puller
Model Number: 10605

For those with weak or arthritic fingers there's probably no more difficult task than buttoning a b...


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