Bed Rails & Fall protectors

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Bed Advantage Rail 5000
Model Number: 2019

Rail: 22 H x 17 W * No assembly required -pops out of the box ready to be placed on any bed * Quali...


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Bed Assist Handle
Model Number: 15063


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Bed Assist Rail
Model Number: 15064


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Bed Assist Rail With Board
Model Number: 15062

Assistance for getting in and out of bed * Can be used on either side of the bed * Tri - fold wood b...


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Bed Rail Pads Half-Size (pr)
Model Number: SC401090

Fits rails up to 37 x 15 * Protects against contact with metal rails * Prevents arm and leg entrapm...


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Bed Rail Pads Synthetic Sheepskin (pr)
Model Number: SC402010

Fits rails up to 18 x 60 * Covers residents side and top of bed rail * Provides economical protect...


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Bed Rail Quilted Caddy
Model Number: 1418

Puts all daily needs within reach *This quilted fabric caddy has two large and two small pockets * W...


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Bed Rail Wedge Pads 70 L Pair
Model Number: SC401235


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BedCane With BedCane Organizer
Model Number: 2029

Rail: 19 - 22 H x 15 W * No assembly required * Heavy duty steel with powder coat finish provides ...


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EZ Adjust Bed Rail
Model Number: 2022

Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs * Bed Rail/Hand Rail - adjustable length allows for use as a bed rail to pr...


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Hospital Bed Rails (Pair)
Model Number: 1414A

Constructed of chrome-plated steel for strength and durability Fits all hospital beds with steel fr...


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SafetySure Super Slide
Model Number: 1167

The Safety Sure Super Slide (SSS Slide) combines the best features of a mobility sheet and a transfe...


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Side Bed Rail Bumper Pads Full Size 69 x 11 x 1 (pair)
Model Number: 1415

69 x 11 x 1 Pair * Provides protective padding to help minimize the risk of patient injury * Viny...


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Side Rail Wedge Gap Protector for Full Rail 72 (Pair)
Model Number: 1417B

Full Rail 70 * Doubles as a side rail gap protector in addition to being a patient positioner * Pa...


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The Freedom Grip
Model Number: 2025A

Freedom Grip Economy (To 250 Lbs.) * Fits any style home bed (just slide between the box spring and ...


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The Transfer Handle
Model Number: 2025

Standard (To 250 lbs) * Fits any style home bed (just slide between the box spring and mattress) * O...


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Universal Crossbar for Bed Rails Pair (Brown Vein)
Model Number: 15050


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