Heel Protectors

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Heel And Ankle Convoluted Protector- Deluxe (pair)
Model Number: 1826

CONVOLUTED (EGGCRATE) FOAM PROTECTORS * Deluxe 2 Foam * These economical heel and elbow protectors...


Our Price$9.80

Heel and Elbow Protectors Eggcrate Foam Standard (Pr)
Model Number: 1827

Standard 1 Foam eggcrate * These economical heel and elbow protectors provide pressure reduction *...


Our Price$8.00

Heel and Elbow Protectors Yellow/Sm fits up to 16 cir.
Model Number: 1833A

Yellow/Small (fits up to 16 cir.) * Helps reduce shear and friction to heels and elbows * Flexible ...


Our Price$13.91

Heel and Elbow Protectors- Flat Foam (Pr)
Model Number: 1828

Flat Foam Protector Available in foam and polyester these economical heel and elbow protectors pr...


Our Price$11.37

Universal Protectors- Heel (pair)
Model Number: 1824A

Washable Uniform high pile fiber Velcro closure


Our Price$8.33